Episode IV: A New Hope

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Lego sets are renowned the world over as one of the most popular and sought after building toys ever invented. From its inception in 1932, the founder Ole Kirk Christiansen produced the first Legos from wood. At that time, his maxim was “only the best is good enough,” meaning quality; workmanship and attention to detail went into every Legos toys produced. Eighty-one years later, that same tradition still holds true today. Lego’s unsurpassed quality and durability is unmatched in the building toys industry, which has stood the test of time. Over the years, the Lego Company has expanded their lines to include theme toys such as Creators, Mindstorms, Bionicle and Star Wars. Unbeknownst to them, that one of these theme toys would take on a life of its own, create a frenzy and cult-like following around the world.
In 1999, Lego Systems entered into a Licensing agreement with Lucas Films securing the rights to the iconic Star Wars brand. Fast-forward to 2013, fourteen years later, Lego amassed a tremendous following and has established itself as a premier destination for collectable toys amongst novices, enthusiasts and collectors alike. A Lego set was more than just another toy; it was a collector’s item. Not unusual for a Star Wars Lego set to fetch five times or more than the original manufacturers suggested retail price, especially for sets that were discontinued and had limited production precipitated the extreme demand. With that said, a new fast growing market emerged for Lego collecting and trading. Auction sites and fan clubs became popular venues for buying and selling of Star Wars Legos sets. However, there was no hard or fast rule on what these Lego sets were actually worth. So how are prices determined and on what criteria is used to arrive at that selling price?

At BrickWars-Sets in an effort to put some perspective in this process, we have compiled a Price Guide for collectors to establish a price on Star Wars Lego sets manufactured over the past thirteen years. Our purpose is to provide a market price index to facilitate buying and selling of these sets and hereby advancing the hobby of collecting worldwide, while protecting one's investment.

The price data compiled in the Star Wars Lego Price Guide is based on our research. The information obtained from various reliable sources, such as auction sites, fan clubs and retailers. The prices reflected in the guide are comprised of factual data and not speculative conjecture. These are not seller’s exaggerated asking prices, but rather consisting of median prices of Star Wars Lego sets actually sold, which establishes a reference point in pricing of these collectables.
The Star Wars Lego Price Guide has two standard categories: brand new mint in the factory-sealed box; and used complete with instructions with or without box. Although, the condition of sets does vary, as in “brand new in opened box” or “used, like new and built once for display purposes.” Nevertheless, opening of the box compromises the set's integrity and considerably diminishes the overall value, despite the fact, never building the set. Conversely, a set built, and handled regardless for any purpose is considered used. For sets with these varying conditions will fall somewhere in the spectrum of the two categories selected for this guide.
As with any commodity, price is driven by supply and demand, Lego Star Wars Sets are no exception. Price determination for Star Wars Lego Sets is not an exact science. Prices will fluctuate with changes in the dynamics of the marketplace. Therefore, we will update our price guide as market conditions warrant it. We hope you found our Star Wars Lego Price Guide to be informative and a useful resource for assessing the value of your sets. Our best wishes to all and “May the force be with you” in all your buying and selling endeavors.
As a free service, BrickWars-Sets devised a price guide as a benefit to our viewers for buying and selling of Star Wars Lego Sets. The information provided within the guide is not 100% guaranteed to be completely accurate due to the dynamics of the marketplace and offered as a reference only. This information is based on our findings, and should not be construed as an endorsement or an opinion on the subject matter presented. Furthermore, we will not be liable for any monetary or moral consequences arising from the use of this guide. As a buyer or a seller, you are financially obligated to perform the necessary due diligence to protect your investments and ethically responsible to conduct yourself in a respectable manner throughout your dealings.